The Stella Maris Drone Orchestra is an evolving electro-acoustic collective. Purveyors of ambientkrautdoomragas to the discriminating psychonaut since 2003. Since its inception the SMDO has filled venues across London with soundscapes from the furthest reaches of the harmonic spectrum: from hypnotic oceans of tone to harsh shambolic dissonances.
In 2007 the SMDO will be manifesting once again, possessing both venues and vinyl on a plane near you. Drone on!

The future
Maybe one day we will return.


28/08/05 - Complex Heavy Place (21MB MP3)
26/06/05 - A fist full of dustmites (13.6MB MP3)
17/04/05 - Session with Jean-Hervé Péron (10MB MP3)
27/03/05 - Rehearsal, Movement 2 (5MB MP3)

Permanent Fatal Error

In inaction, or so it seems, at the N16 FRINGE 2005 : 19-21 August
In action at Bardens supporting Cul De Sac
Drones Club 1

Photography : Pete Woodhead, Gyrus, John Eden

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The past
We play at The Klinker on Friday 19th October 2007
02/11/05 - FAUST UK TOUR ! Supported Faust at The Metro
16/09/05 > 18/09/05 - we played at Jean-Hervé Peron's annual Schiphorst festival and for more about Faust see the Faust pages.
19/08/05 {Friday} - With Swarm, Owls and Now at the Drones Club as part of the N16 Fringe Festival.
23/07/05 - We played with Man From Uranus (solo set), Kosmische DJs and many others at the Ex-Masonic Lodge Party, Marble Arch
21/07/05 - Played at ECHO CHAMBER upstairs at the Monkey. 25 Camberwell Church st, London SE5
02/06/05 - Supporting ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE COSMIC INFERNO and Shit & Shine.
20/05/05 - Playing at the May Psykick Dancehall @ Bardens with The Faculty, The Projects, Akira and Sonic Boom DJing.
28/04/05 - Supporting Cul de Sac at Bardens.
29/04/05 - Playing at the Klinker, The Sussex Pub, Culford Rd, London, N1 - with Lemon Squeezer and Brass Reality.
05/03/05 - Kosmische - Bardens, N16
04/11/04 - Drones Club IV - The Eye, N16
07/10/04 - Drones Club III - The Eye, N16
26/08/04 - Drones Club II - The Eye, N16
15/07/04 - Drones Club I - The Eye, N16
15/06/04 - Resonance FM radio session
11/06/04 - Bucktooth, Chat's Palace
05/06/04 - Head Over Heels - Green Angels, Borough
13/05/04 - Klinker - Dalston
01/01/04 - A Womb With A View - Andre St
30/09/03 - Brixton Alive - Bar Lorca, Brixton

Dalston Tour 2005

"...what a pleasant sight, everyone on the floor with gear all over, exchanging cables and inputs, sharing mikes and cigarettes, laughing and droning... and how good it is not to know who is doing what, sometimes even not knowing if it's oneself. So don't miss the Stella Maris Drone Orchestra, they'll sooth your aching soul and body. "

Jean-Hervé Peron

"Its hard for me to describe just how awesome it was playing with these guys tonite, especially the second set - very magical and cathartic... The finale was like a god dancing on the rim of an exploding volcano."

man from uranus

"i heared smdo again on thursday, and all i can say is that was way too short guys. it's the fourth time i hear smdo live, and every time it's better, more focued, more daring. i'm a fan, and i think smdo are going to be surprising us more in the future. i can't wait!"

Tom Berger